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Johnston Senior Portrait FAQ


Q. How much do Senior Pictures cost?

       Packages start at $399. Most families spend $600 or more. See next question.

Q. Do you run specials?

       Yes, we do, but not always. Be photographed early in the season, May & June, to save money and beat the heat! Call 402 333-5105 to get the latest.

Q. Where will my session take place?

       Either at the Old Market studio or the BelAir Plaza studio

Q. What’s the difference?

       Downtown you get that fun, gritty, urban look and it is a mix of inside and outside shots. (weather permitting)

       At the BelAir Studio you get a bit more controlled, polished look in our giant studio space, but still will be creative and fun.

       Both locations are great. Both allow you classic, contemporary and even edgy photography choices. 

Q. How many outfits should I have?  Is one enough?  Is 5 Too many?

       We can do great things with just 2 outfits. The three outfit choice works out really well for most people and is the most popular option. Four outfits, plenty of fantastic choices, almost too many.  Five or more outfits takes a little more planning.

      Take advantage of the in-person session planning appointment. (no extra charge) We’ll offer you some good advice on clothing selection, make-up and hair,  and discuss any ideas you may have.

Q. My friends are making me go with them because they are reps for another studio. How does that work?

       Some studios may try a little ‘strong-arming’ to convince you into going there. We don’t do that. Our work speaks for itself and we enjoy a high level of client loyalty.

Q. What’s the next step?

       Call the studio at 402-333-5105 to schedule your photo shoot and talk about details. The sooner the better because best appointment times go first.

Q. What does it cost to reserve a session time?

       We will ask for a $200 reservation fee when you book, either on the phone or in person. This holds your appointment date and will apply to your session fee and portrait order.

Q. When and how do we see the images and order?

       The culled, lightly edited images are viewed and ordered in the studio during your order appointment, usually a few days after the session. Most people schedule this appointment when they call to book their session in order to reserve the most convenient time available. You view them on a big screen monitor. It takes an hour or more depending on your choices and questions.

      No paper or digital proofs may leave the studio for selection purposes. Make sure that all decision makers are present so that you are able to place your order at this time. Additional viewing appointments are rarely needed. There may be a charge for a repeat appointment.  People always find this appointment very enjoyable. We do not use hard sell nasty tactics to force a sale and we do our best to respect budgetary restraints. A deposit of approximately 1/2 of the amount of your order is requested at this time.

Q. When are finished portraits ready?

       Typically, four to six weeks after you place the complete order. We will give you a more reliable estimate when you order. Changes to the order will extend the time. Any balance due is paid when portraits are picked up.

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