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Johnston Studio Senior Pictures – Tips to Look Your Best

You’re gonna love your Senior Pictures from Johnston Studio

Here are some guidelines to help you look your best and get images that you are proud of.

  • Don’t stress. Being a little nervous is normal but no need to freak out. If you’ve always dreaded “picture day”, know that we’re on your side. We know light, use Photoshop intelligently and work with all body types and sizes to photograph people flatteringly. No matter what your individual personality style may be, you will look great.
  • Be real. You’re an awesome person and we want that to be reflected in your images. Let us know if you have concerns about your appearance or whatever. If we are aware of your concerns, we’ll work with it.
  • Stick with the best you. Your portrait session is not a good time to try out a new hair style or make-up look (ladies). New outfits and fun style variations are great ways to reveal your personality facets, But… be sure to also include the tried and true look you trust. And… we offer a free pre-session clothing conference. You bring all the stuff you might be considering, we go through it with you and offer some advice. Plus it’s a chance to get to know each other a bit. Ask about scheduling the pre-portrait conference when you call to book.
  • Generally it’s a good idea to have one of the outfits be more traditional/classy. Something that your parents or grandmother will relate to. “Trends last forever” … said absolutely no one!
  • Special interests, activities, hobbies, accomplishments? Your important stuff can make interesting props and tell your story. Consider it. We can talk.
  • You’ll enjoy the session itself. It always unfolds easily. Nice conversations, no hassles, plenty of laughs.
  • We take plenty of shots. Sessions usually last an hour or so. Maybe longer if it’s a lot of outfits. can be shorter for 1 or 2 outfits. No set rules.
  • Your creative ideas and input are welcome. If you are a creative type , we love collaborating.
  • We can discuss any questions when you call or come in to book.
  • Important: Follow IG @JohnstonStudio .  Mom’s can Like   JohnstonPortraitStudio  page on FB. We often post stuff and you are easier to tag if we’re already linked.
  • Check out Senior Gallery

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  • “Got Questions – FAQ is For You” (Cost? Outfits? Location? How Much Time?)

  • Call the studio 402 333-5105, We will guide you through it all. (no high-pressure games)

You’ll love your senior pictures from Johnston Studio… Guaranteed… Period!

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